Our Contribution in the COVID-19 Pandemic

AeroSteps prides itself to stand together with all exerted efforts to help stop the spread of the Novel COVID-19. And with that, We have helped arrange humanitarian flights, Evacuation Flights and Medical Aids to those affected by the virus.

Therefore, we have decided to extend our support and offer reduced prices on our services and FREE permits for specific countries for all flights related to COVID-19, whether it is to help passengers reach their home, or help Aid reach its destination

Ask us about our special prices if your flight is COVID-19 related

We Support Each Other

In AeroSteps, We believe that support is not limited to business. We believe that we should stand together in unity to overcome and achieve.

Therefore, we have learnt that in times of uncertainties and difficulties, We also must reach our hand and support.

AeroSteps proudly support all Flights that are Humanitarian in Nature and offers reduced prices for its services and FREE Permits for specific countries

Ask us about our special prices if your flight is Humanitarian in Nature

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